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Performance Pilates Studio offers a large variety of class package options. A regular Pilates exercise regimen will improve core strength, balance, control, and flexibility. You will develop better support and protection for your back, increased joint mobility, and postural improvement. Pilates breathing techniques will help reduce stress. You will soon realize how this form of exercise can help in your quest for a improved and more efficient golf swing, an improved tennis game, a more stable seat for equestrians, or just make you feel taller, more positive, and in control of your body. In a well balanced Pilates Exercise regimen all of the Pilates Equipment, should be incorporated each week.

How to get started

Step 1

Initial Consultation


A 50 minute private session where you and your Instructor will discuss your health, goals, and any current issues. You will be introduced to the basic Principles of Pilates, the equipment, and experience some essential exercises. See what it is all about!!! (Valid for first visit ONLY)

Step 2

Fundamental Package


A series of four private lessons to learn the Essential Pilates Exercises on equipment or mat. These are entry-level Pilates Exercises for Clients that are new to Pilates or those who want to brush up on their fundamentals. Learn how to use the correct muscle groups, experience the movements, coordination and Mind-Body Control.

Equipment Classes

Mat exercises are performed on raised professional mats using small apparatus such as: Arcs, Rings, Overballs, Toning balls, Bands, Stability balls, Foam rollers, BOSU’s, and Balance discs)

Reformers provide finely tuned exercise resistance that allows one to work very precisely with alignment, core strength, and all of the Pilates exercise principles.

Wall Cadillacs are a key component in any fully equipped facility. They add more than 200 exercises to your Pilates repertoire, and challenge the body in different planes of motion. They offer an extensive range of applications for everyone, from post-rehab clients to peak performance gymnasts, dancers, and athletes.

Stability Chairs allow a unique opportunity to work in functional (e.g. standing, seated, kneeling) positions. The Chair helps rebalance muscles and provides a full-body workout. As a bonus, it allows high-performance exercises for athletes and the very fit.