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Equipment Classes

Mat exercises are performed on raised professional mats using small apparatus such as: Arcs, Rings, Overballs, Toning balls, Bands, Stability balls, Foam rollers, BOSU’s, and Balance discs.

Reformers provide finely tuned exercise resistance that allows one to work very precisely with alignment, core strength, and all of the Pilates exercise principles.

Wall Cadillacs are a key component in our fully equipped facility. They add more than 200 exercises to your Pilates repertoire, and challenge the body in different planes of motion. They offer an extensive range of applications for everyone, from post-rehab clients to peak performance gymnasts, dancers, and athletes.

Stability Chairs allow a unique opportunity to work in functional (e.g. standing, seated, kneeling) positions. The Chair helps rebalance muscles and provides a full-body workout. As a bonus, it allows high-performance exercises for athletes and the very fit.

Class Packages

Equipment Class Packages

For a comprehensive approach and optimum Pilates development, we suggest you incorporate all four types of classes.

(Mat, Reformer and Wall Cadillac classes count as one (1) Class, Stability chair class counts as 1.5 classes.)

5 pack
10 pack
20 pack

Dedicated Client Packs

These two Packages are recommended for clients who take 3-5 classes per week. Clients can exchange four classes for one private lesson. (Private lesson maximum of two per package)

30 pack
40 pack

Private Lessons

Ideal for those with busy work and home schedules; or anyone who prefers the focus of 1-on-1 instruction. Used to develop a safe and appropriate program when recovering from injury, accident, or other medical conditions. Individual program customized to achieve your specific objectives. Opportunity to exercise on equipment not used in group classes (e.g. Full Cadillac, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector.)

5 pack
10 pack
20 pack

Small Group Lessons

Available upon request scheduled at your convenience. Wonderful opportunity for couples, families or friends with similar skill levels to challenge themselves with more advanced work.

All Packages expire 12 weeks from purchase date. Four students needed to form a class.